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It may come as a surprise to some homeowners, but maintaining air flow in an attic is an essential part of keeping Madison roofing in good condition. Ventilation can also play an essential role in lowering heating and cooling costs. Although it is often a good idea to keep leaks from allowing outside air to flow into a home, attics actually require airflow to regulate the temperature and the amount of humidity inside the home.

The reason that airflow is important in the summer is because air that stagnates in an attic is often very moist, and stagnant air will continue to get hotter. When air is humid enough, it can actually damage structural supports in an attic as well as insulation. Moisture in an attic can also create an environment where mold is more likely to develop.

When outside air invades the interior of an attic, it allows drier air to replace the moist air inside the attic. Air from the outside of a home is also frequently cooler. When air is trapped in an attic, it can actually end up being much hotter than the outside air, as much as 60 degrees hotter. If the air in an attic is hot enough, it can actually warp asphalt shingles, reducing their potential to withstand high winds or repel water.

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Keeping air moving through an attic is also important in the winter. The natural convection, created by moving air around the edges of a roof, can help prevent ice dams from forming. Even though the heat created by moving air is small, it is often enough to keep melted snow from freezing again.

It has become common to use a combination of vented soffits, baffles and ridge vents to create airflow through an attic. Soffits are generally installed to protect an attic where it is exposed to the elements by the roof overhanging. If soffits are vented, air is able to make its way into the attic.

Baffles create a pathway through the attic to the top of a home, where ridge vents are located. They are frequently made of plywood, and they can be installed with staples to surround areas where air enters the attic.

Channels created by baffles allow air to flow through without disturbing insulation or transferring heat to or from HVAC ducts. Ridge vents are covered vents at the apex of a roof which allow air to escape a home.

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