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Developed in the late 1800s, asphalt fiberglass shingles have been a favorite roofing material in America. Per Madison roofing professionals, they can last up to 20 or 30 years, depending on weather conditions, installation, and materials used. Asphalt shingles are known for being the best value for the majority of steep roofing applications.

In order for a shingle to perform well, asphalt shingles must be able to stand up to mechanical and thermal stresses that a roof experiences. As shingles age, they need to combine composition and processing in order to be durable, pliable, and tough at the same time. In addition, shingles must be installed correctly on the roof. Many guidelines exist for shingle roofing installation, including those from shingle manufacturers. How long an asphalt shingle roof will last depends on both of these factors.

Soon after their inception, roofing professionals realized that coating the asphalt shingle in granules added to the life expectancy of the shingle. Granules are applied to the outer layer of the shingle. Their particle size distribution allows them to be placed on the asphalt coating in a way that minimizes exposed coating. What most homeowners do not know is how these granules add benefit to the asphalt shingle.

Granules serve at least five different purposes. They protect the asphalt coating of the shingle from UV lighting, the bring color and aesthetics to the shingle, they are fire resistant, and they help with shingle packaging.

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Granules also provide additional weight to the shingle which makes it less likely to suffer uplift from the wind. Shingles are available for purchase in a vast array of colors and many come with 20 year warranties, thanks to granules.

As a shingle ages, it naturally loses granules. This can be sped up by severe storms or tree branches located near the roof and happens as the adhesion qualities in the shingle slowly deteriorate. The older a shingle gets, the more granules it releases, causing it to be less likely to stand up to outdoor elements. Granule loss can also be caused by foot traffic, hail, normal rainfall, the wind, or changes in temperature.

Homeowners should visually inspect the condition of their shingles at least twice per year, and after any major storm. Roofing professionals suggest doing a regular inspection with binoculars from the ground every spring and fall. Homeowners can also inspect their gutters to see if they have granules from the shingles in them. A large quantity of granules could suggest that shingles are starting to wear and age. Homeowners should discuss any concerns they have with a qualified roofing professional.

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