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Because the roof is usually not fully visible from the curb, many homeowners neglect this important component of the house's infrastructure. Regular roof maintenance and repairs, however, are important for ensuring that the roof is in top condition and that it continues to protect the home. Asphalt shingles require particular care, and Madison roofing professionals recommend taking these steps at least a few times a year.

Standing water on a roof contributes to the deterioration of asphalt shingles and reduces their life span. Debris, such as leaves and other garbage, collects in low areas and around roof penetrations and retains water and moisture. This debris should be removed from the roof at least three times a year and in anticipation of major weather events.

In addition to lingering water, moss and algae forming on the roof can also contribute to asphalt shingle aging. While removing debris, check for signs of growth formations. If moss or algae is present, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Zinc and lead control strips, which are available at home improvement stores, can inhibit the growth of roof vegetation.

Shingles that are missing or have been damaged should be replaced.

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If any individual shingle tabs are loose, they can be repaired with roofing cement, which is also available at home improvement stores. A small amount applied to the underside of the shingle is usually sufficient to reattach it. Shingles that have sustained significant damage from storms or other inclement weather conditions should be replaced entirely. Damaged shingles can expose the matting or underlying plywood to UV light and moisture, which can lead to leaks.

Tree branches that hang over the roof may scratch against shingles when the wind blows. They can scrape off granules, which provide the roof with UV protection, and cause excessive wear. Any branches that could come in contact with the roof should be trimmed. Additionally, consider removing any branches that hang over the roof, as they may contribute to the buildup of debris throughout the year.

Finally, remove any debris from gutters. Leaves, twigs and branches that collect in gutters can impede water flow off the roof, leading to the formation of pools of standing water that damage shingles. Both the gutters and the downspouts should be checked regularly to make sure they're properly diverting water.

Maintaining a roof requires time and effort, but it can save costly repairs and delay the need for a complete roof replacement. Roofs with asphalt shingles are among the easiest to maintain, and following these steps several times a year will help keep any roof in good condition.

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