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Today's homeowners are an intelligent group who constantly look for the best deals when it comes to their roofs' service needs. Most homeowners will ask several different companies for quotes on a major project before an agreement is met. However, the various quotes might be starkly different from one another. It's important to understand the pricing structures offered by Cottage Grove roofing professionals in order to make an educated decision.

Your quotes will vary greatly because the materials have variable costs. If you request a metal roof estimate, this quote will be much more expensive compared to a quote for shingles. Metal has a life span almost double that of shingles, however, so you may save money in the long run. When you compare different shingle brands, these costs differ as well. Shingles meant for windy regions are thicker and more expensive than standard, three-tab designs.

In addition to the differing prices of outer roofing materials, you will also notice a price difference depending on the structure of your roof. This is apparent with the underlayment. This layer resides between the shingles and the wood deck. If you have a steep-slope roof, your contractor won't have to overlap the underlayment as severely as he or she would with a low-slope application. In reality, roofers use less underlayment materials for steep-slope conditions. The final cost is reflected in the estimate.

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Although you can save on underlayment across a steep slope, you'll pay more for the labor. Steep slopes are difficult to walk on, and contractors need to rotate their workers every two hours so that they can rest from the effort. The installation might take more time and manpower, so extra labor costs are normal. Avoid any roofing company that advertises a rapid installation on a steep slope. Workers can quickly tire out on the rooftop if they work at a pace that is comparable to a standard slope.

Another common element that raises an estimate's price is wood replacement. In most cases, contractors don't know if the structural wood is good or decaying when they quote a new roof. They may need to remove some damaged wood and replace it. The estimate may add in a standard lumber amount to cover some of these potential costs. If the wood isn't needed during the project, the final bill will reflect that fact.

It's normal for your roofing professionals to visit your property a short time after a major project. They need to check the surface for any improper settling. Exposed fasteners, warped shingle edges, and other anomalies must be corrected so that the rooftop has a long life span. You'll also want to maintain your roof by scheduling frequent maintenance appointments.

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