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When fun in the summer sun approaches, homeowners often head out on vacation. Although the weather may be warm on your skin, the summertime heat can be difficult on your rooftop. In fact, summer is a perfect time to keep an eye on your roof's condition and schedule an inspection from reputable Cottage Grove roofing professionals. Be proactive and follow a few steps that can preserve your rooftop's materials.

The first step to caring for your roof is scheduling frequent inspections. Summer often has clear days that are nearly perfect for rooftop examinations. Ideally, hire a professional for a morning inspection. The early morning sunlight isn't as strong as it is later in the day, so contractors can spend quality time walking across the surface. The light will be at a perfect angle to notice any dislodged shingles or popped nails.

Some homeowners are proud to have do-it-yourself skills they use around their properties. However, you should avoid working on your own roof. It's especially important to remain off of the roof during the summer because the shingles may be experiencing high levels of physical stress.

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If you walk on any of the shingles during midday, they might crack under the combined pressure of your weight and the heat.

Although water leaks may not be the first items that you associate with summertime roof care, surprise storms can occur at any time, and any leaks can create interior damage. When rain begins in earnest, grab a flashlight and inspect the interior ceilings and attic. If any leaks are going to occur, you'll be able to see them in real time. Report any leaks to your roofing professional.

Several times throughout the summer, you should go outside with a pair of binoculars. Take a close look at the roof and mentally note if any shingles appear blistered or covered in bubbles. Trapped moisture within or underneath shingles can evaporate during the summer and cause bubbled surfaces. Contractors must replace these shingles because they can quickly break down under the sun's heat.

With the atmosphere heating up, it's possible for high winds to kick up as well. If you have any loose shingles, they might be vulnerable to blow-offs. As winds start to rise, take a look at your roof and see how it's reacting to the pressure. Shingles flapping in the wind indicate that they require replacement. Take care of your roof's repairs before any significant damages occur.

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