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When a home is located in a cold environment, the construction style of the roof plays a key role in the structure's energy efficiency, performance and durability. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends as simple of a roofing style as possible for houses that are in places that receive heavy winter snowfall and gusty winds during the wintertime. By working with experienced Cottage Grove roofing contractors, homeowners can choose the best shape of roof for their functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

In cold, snowy places, roofs need to have at least a 3 to 12 pitch so that melting precipitation can drain off of the roof and into the rain gutters. The simplest style of pitched roof is a gable roof. Gabled roofing systems are shaped like an inverted V. There are many sub-types of gabled roofs, including a cross gable, which has two perpendicular peaks that come together in the shape of the letter T. A-frame roofing styles are also popular in places with heavy snowfall. This is the style seen on Swiss chalets in the Alps. Designed to allow heavy blocks of snow to easily slide off of the structure, these roofs are desirable in areas that receive intense lake-effect snows.

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Other common, simple-gabled roof styles include Asian traditional, saltbox, Dutch and clipped gable.

Hipped roofs can also be considered for use in cold environments. A hip roof is sloped in two pairs of directions. In a cross hipped style, two separate sections come together to form a T or L shape. When a hipped roof is built onto a square house, it creates a pyramidal roof shape. This shape is strong and durable against high winds.

Gambrel roofs are another popular option and are a variant on mansard roofs. With the gambrel style, there is one long slope on each side of the roof. In the mansard style, there is a shallower slope near the roof's peak and a steeper slope below it. The steep portion is constructed in such a way as to form part of the exterior wall.

Barrel or rainbow roofs are also used in places with rough winters. These roofs form a large arch over the structure but come to a point at the top. They have a steep slope, often as much as 7 to 12 or greater. These roofs are easily damaged by strong winds due to the way that the shingles must be installed. However, they do resist moisture, and leaks on these roofs are less common than in roofs that have a valley between intersecting hips.

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