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While it is never recommended that homeowners get on their own roof to look for problems or fix leaks or other issues, there are steps homeowners can take in order to spot warning signs of damage to their roof and to keep it maintained. Those who take these steps usually find that their roofs last longer and are more effective at keeping out leaks.

Safety should be the first priority when maintaining and caring for a roof. Homeowners need to know that too many accidents involving falls from roofs and ladders happen every year. Getting on the roof or near the top of the roof should be left to the Cottage Grove roofing professionals who have the skills, training and equipment to be up there in a safe manner.

With a pair of binoculars from the ground, homeowners can usually perform a good visual inspection of their roof. They should be looking for shingles that are missing, dislodged or cracked and buckling. These are all warning signs that indicate a visit from a roofing professional is needed. In addition, homeowners should check the condition of the granules.

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Asphalt shingles that seem to be balding and wearing thin are also a warning sign. If a roof is failing or aging, these granules will usually also be found in the gutters and near where the downspouts drain.

Simply being on the lookout for ceiling stains in the home can also help catch problems before they grow in size and scope. Brown or yellow ceiling stains almost always indicate a roof leak somewhere although not necessarily in the location of the staining. Any staining is a reason to call a roofer as soon as possible.

From the unfinished portion of the home's attic, homeowners can also take some simple assessments. Here, they can look for more ceiling staining. On a sunny day, they can also turn off the lights and look for any light coming into the attic. Even small pinpoint holes that allow light through can be a serious warning sign. Areas around stack vents and chimneys are prone to problems with the flashing. It may need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Homeowners should also keep any branches, limbs and other shrubs trimmed away from the roof. No matter how small they may seem, constant rubbing and scraping day after day by these branches can cause a roof to age prematurely and fail.

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