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Although most people do not think too much about how their roof functions, it is actually a complex system of components working together to protect the home. When one of these components fails or otherwise has problems, it can put other roof components in jeopardy. Homeowners should be aware of the most common roof problems so that they can know when to call in a Cottage Grove roofing professional. Here are the common problem areas homeowners should be on the lookout for.

Along the front board of the roof line is the fascia. This horizontal running band sits vertically underneath the roof's edge. Simply put, it is the roof trim. It is usually made of sheet metal or wooden boards. The fascia's job is to protect this area from the outdoor elements, especially water. It also serves an aesthetic purpose by giving an even and smooth appearance at the edge of the roof. However, one of the most common roof problems occurs in this area. Moisture can get in the fascia and cause rot and other forms of damage to roof rafters. Homeowners who notice any rotting or otherwise abnormal-looking areas in the fascia of the roof should contact a professional roofer.

The soffit is the surface beneath the overhang of the roof or eave. Soffit can help to ventilate the attic of the home, which prevents the sheathing and rafters from rotting.

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Most soffits have small holes and are vented in order to do this job. In addition, they are usually made with vinyl because it is cost-effective and does not absorb water. If the ventilation fails to occur properly, the roof can potentially rot over time.

Flashing is another important roof component. It is used to seal the edges of the roof at areas where the covering is terminated or interrupted such as at chimneys, stack vents, valleys and drains. When working properly, flashing prevents leaks in these areas. However, flashing can be one of the most problematic areas of the roof. It can become dislodged, and its seals can be broken. Weather and oxidization are usually to blame for the deterioration of flashing. If a homeowner notices any problems in these areas, they should call for professional assistance as soon as possible.

Not to be forgotten, shingles can also be a major problem on the roof. Shingles can face a lot of wear and tear from the sun, the wind and various moisture types such as rain and snow. Even extreme changes in temperature can cause shingles to fail. Homeowners who notice shingles that are missing, cracking, buckling or losing their granules should seek the help of a roofer right away to avoid additional problems.

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