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Cottage Grove Roofing: Article About Moss and Lichen Rooftop Dangers

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Homeowners should always be on the lookout for problems when they perform roofing inspections. These problems can appear in a variety of forms, including blistering, buckling, loose shingles, blown away shingles and fishmouthing. In addition to the concerns that could affect the integrity of the shingles, homeowners should be on the lookout for superficial issues that can cause long term damage to the roofing system itself.

Cottage Grove roofing professionals will always urge homeowners to be on the lookout for concerns related to the growth of moss and lichen. These organisms may seem harmless at first, but they can cause extensive damage to the rooftop of they are not taken care of as quickly as possible.

One of the most immediate dangers that moss can pose to the rooftop is in the gradual erosion that it causes along the surface of the tiles and shingles. Moss can cling to the surface of the shingles, and the constant presence of moisture can wear away at its structure, resulting in weakening shingles that could break away, giving the moss access to the sensitive roofing spaces below the shingles. If left unattended, the moss can grow even quicker, resulting in larger instances of abrasion.

Because of how much moisture the moss retains, it can weigh down on the roofing system.

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While it may not seem like an immediate concern at first, unchecked moss growth can contribute to structural damage along the surface of the roof. In cases where the moss was allowed to grow freely to a great degree, the roof may collapse inward, resulting in property damage and potential injury to the home's residents. In older roofing systems, this type of damage can occur quickly, and homeowners should make sure to remove the moss at the first opportunity to avoid extensive damage.

Finally, because of how much moisture the moss regularly holds onto, leaks and other instances of moisture damage can occur. This can result in the unwanted development of mold in the attic and can also cause structural damage to the roof's rafters and supporting structures.

Regular inspection and quick action upon discovery of moss growth can help prolong the life of a roof. No matter how small water damage may seem, there is always the chance that the moisture can invite larger problems. By keeping up with regular inspections and having mossy growth eliminated as quickly as possible, homeowners will be able to enjoy a clean and structurally sound roof.

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