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Cottage Grove roofing customers are often concerned with energy efficiency, and rightfully so. A home's roof can absorb and reflect heat, thereby increasing the cost to heat and cool it. Even so, there are a few things people can do to ensure that even an older roof is as energy efficient as possible.

One of the best ways to improve a roof's efficiency is to provide an ample amount of fiberglass insulation. A lack of insulation leads to excessive air loss, making a home harder to heat in the winter and more difficult to cool in the summer. Two layers of insulation are generally preferred, one in the space between the rafters and the other going horizontally across them.

When reroofing a home, those in cooler climates should also consider sheathing that contains a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is a type of reflective film that is wrapped around the beams and reflects heat outward rather than allowing it to be absorbed. The heat that is reflected will then be directed into the home, thereby helping to warm it.

Choosing the right roofing materials is also important.

A roofing contractor from Hustad Companies of Cottage Grove WI can answer your questions about gutters or commercial roofing.

Metal roofs tend to be more energy efficient than asphalt or wood shingle ones and are often overlooked because they are more expensive. Even so, a metal roof can result in as much as a 30-percent decrease in energy consumption due to heating and cooling.

A metal roof painted with an elastomeric coating that reflects heat could actually help homeowners save even more by reflecting warmth away from the structure during the summer months. Cool roof coatings are now being introduced for a variety of other roofing types including asphalt, fiberglass and tile. Mobile home roofs may even be painted white or covered with an elastomeric coating to help reflect sunlight.

Powered attic fans are not recommended for cooling roofs. These fans pull conditioned air from the main body of the house, thereby causing the main unit to work even harder. For best results, a continuous ridge vent is recommended as this type of vent will provide hot air with a place to escape as it rises. A good number of soffit vents will allow for sufficient airflow to ensure the space beneath the roof does not become too stuffy. Round turtle back vents that are placed on either side of a sloped roof are also effective, provided there is an adequate amount of soffit vents.

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