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A leaking roof can contribute to a wide range of problems within the home. As water seeps into the structure, everything within the house can be at risk of suffering damage. These issues could wind up costing you a great deal of money in repairs beyond just the cost of the roof. Anything in the home, from the peak of the roof to the basement floor, could be at risk of water damage. Many homeowners will contact a Cottage Grove roofing specialist in order to protect the investment of the home from such occurrences.

The most common damage caused by water is that of the decking and rafters within the attic. Over time, moisture can begin to break down these wooden structures, causing them to lose some of their integrity. More severe leaks have the potential to weaken large sections of this surface, making it less able to sustain the overall weight of the roof. These kinds of damages can usually be identified by the color of the wood as seen from within the attic.

Insulation can also be compromised due to a leaking roof. Pools of water in addition to the ambient temperature of the attic could create an ideal breeding ground for spores. For those suffering from asthma, this type of mold growth could make breathing within the house difficult. In extreme situations, it could prove to be dangerous to your health.

Water has the potential to follow the construct of the home and settle within the walls themselves.

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In some instances, the paint could peel away from the wall and present a sack-like protuberance. This actually may be filled with water leaking from the roof. Once it is drained, the drywall will likely need to be replaced.

After following paths throughout the walls, it's possible for water to rest within the floor. This can easily be identified by pools or excessive moisture within carpets and padding. If left untreated, mold spores can easily begin to develop within this area of the house as well. If the water is not evaporated properly, the infestation of mold could be so great that it could ruin many parts of the floor such as the padding or the floorboards themselves.

Although it's a rare occurrence, leaks from a damaged roof could also be apparent within the power sockets or light switches of the home. This is dependent on the severity of the damage and whether or not these sockets were protected by enclosures. If you see moisture near any of these devices, do not touch them. Shut off the main breaker and contact an electrician.

Water can damage more than just the roof of the house. It can lead to costly repairs in just about any aspect of the home. Identify trouble areas today and protect your investment for tomorrow.

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