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Cottage Grove Roofing: Article About How Poor Roof Maintenance Causes Flooding

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When it rains, it is the roof's job to keep moisture out of the home. If the roof is old or it has not been properly maintained, however, it may not be able to keep rain out. In some cases, the roof may look as good as new, but the homeowner may still find water seeping inside. To keep this from happening, it is important that homeowners understand how water can get in and what to look for in order to prevent potential flooding issues in the future. If you notice problems with your roof, a Cottage Grove roofing contractor should be called.

When roofs leak, the most common source of the problem may be the flashing that is placed in roof valleys and around roof penetrations. The flashing consists of pieces of sheet metal that are interwoven into the shingles. They keep the roof covered where the shingles may not reach, especially right up against chimneys, skylights, and roof vents. In some cases, the flashing may not be installed correctly, allowing water to seep underneath the sheet metal and down into the attic. If the gaps between the shingles and the flashing are large enough, water can potentially pour through this area and down into the living space during major rainstorms. If small leaks are noticed, having the flashing replaced can prevent more water damage.

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Flooding can also be caused by damaged or missing shingles. It is generally recommended that homeowners have their trusted roofers inspect their roofs at least once every couple of years. In the meantime, however, homeowners should be able to identify damaged or missing shingles. If shingles are missing, this can essentially mean a gaping hole exists in the roof. If a heavy rainstorm hits, it does not take long for water to soak through the wooden structural components and flood into the living space.

Finally, a damaged gutter system could also lead to flooding. The gutters are responsible for directing water away from the home's foundation. If the gutters do not work properly, the water may fall from the roof and leak into the foundation, leading to pooling water inside the basement. Even if the basement is waterproofed, a heavy rainstorm may be enough to overwhelm the drainage systems.

Water damage is a huge issue, so homeowners may have to have major repairs done not just to their roofs but to their homes as well. In order to prevent this, homeowners should consider having a professional maintain their roofs even if the roof appears to be in good condition.

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