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If you're having a new home constructed or your existing house is getting an updated roof, you may want to look to environmentally friendly and sustainable products that may boost your structure's energy efficiency. While a cool roof works well in mild and hot environments, they are not well-suited to northern climates. As an alternative, property owners can work with Cottage Grove roofing contractors to install a green roof. Even in places with harsh winter weather, a green roof can provide many benefits.

Green roofs are thick. The many layers of this roofing style include impervious membranes, gravel, soil, and a living surface such as grass or clover. The thickness of these materials creates an excellent level of insulation for the house. During the summertime, the roof stops the sun's energy from heating up the interior. In the winter months, there is minimal heat loss due to the insulating properties of the layers. The green roof thereby both lowers summertime cooling costs and wintertime heating costs in cold environments.

In places where the frigid temperatures are accompanied by heavy snowfall, the green roof does a good job of absorbing the moisture and preventing problems like ice dams. A green roof has an extensive drainage system that allows any excess moisture to be diverted into drainage pipes and released several feet away from the home's foundation.

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While the surface of a green roof is typically flat rather than pitched, it is able to stop dangerous ice blockages, icicles, and snowdrifts from causing harm to the roofing system, walls, and foundation of the structure.

For houses located in urban neighborhoods, a green roof can also help lower the temperature during the summer. Black asphalt shingles and other darkly colored roofing materials absorb nearly all of the sun's energy that contacts them. The green roofing system uses some of the energy for the growth of the plants, and the rest of it is reflected back into the air. By mitigating the urban heat island effect, green roofs can help create more comfortable and environmentally friendly cities.

The living plants of a green roof also boost the air quality. On a hot day, petroleum-based roofing materials release volatile organic compounds that contribute to air pollution and high ozone levels. A green roof actually works to clean the air and absorb pollutants.

While there are many great reasons for green roofing, there are some drawbacks. They require regular maintenance. These roofs are heavy and may require costly structural modifications to the house.

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