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Weather patterns that occur during different seasons can have an adverse reaction on certain roofing components, and one of the most common areas of the roof that many homeowners neglect to check after the fall and winter seasons is the chimney. While it is important for homeowners to have their roof professionally inspected by a qualified Cottage Grove roofing contractor at least twice a year, it is equally important that homeowners ensure their chimney is properly maintained before entering into the hot summer months.

It is not uncommon for homeowners who live in areas that are prone to harsh winter weather patterns to use a lot of firewood to stay warm. It might be a good idea to have a professional sweep the fireplace twice because there might be a lot of soot or creosote buildup.

Because the spring is a season where animals tend to be more active, homeowners should ensure there are no gaps in the chimney where critters can nest. Brick fireplaces often feature nooks and crannies that are not exposed to the outdoors, and animals could seek shelter in these areas. Chimneys that feature clay flues are common areas that attract raccoons and squirrels. Clay flues are very easy to access since they do not feature grills or screens as wood burning fireplaces often do.

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While it might be a nuisance to get an animal to vacate these areas, not doing so could be problematic before the next winter season because many nests consist of grass and dried sticks, which could be a fire hazard.

While there are several tasks homeowners can conduct themselves to ensure their chimney is in good condition, there are some situations that require the services of a professional. Roofing contractors will pay close attention to the flashing around the chimney as well as the rain cap to ensure they are both functioning properly. A contractor can thoroughly inspect this area as it is a common source for roof leaks to develop, which could compromise the rest of the roof's structure. If the contractor discovers rust or corrosion on portions of the flashing during the inspection, it might be necessary to go ahead and replace the entire piece so that the interior of the home is completely protected from water damage. It is not unusual for a rain cap to fall off of the chimney as snow begins to melt, and contractors will ensure this component is intact.

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